About Us

There are significant numbers of people and groups world-wide who have concluded that many popular doctrines of Christendom simply don't hold up to serious Biblical analysis- the popular views of Jesus are just one example. Many of these folk have become so dogmatic that they closely resemble the cult-like groups from which they emerged. But there are some who have seen that whilst true doctrinal understanding is indeed important, true Christianity isn't the same as holding pure theology. There must be a reaching out into this world, and a transformation of our deeply private lives and thinking, in accordance with the true Bible teachings which we have uncovered. Some of those groups include Carelinks Ministries, the Tacoma Ecclesia in Washington State, U.S.A., and their associated groups and co-workers throughout North America, many of the staff and tutors at Aletheia Bible College (Sydney, Australia), and a large network of house churches in Europe.

One conclusion all of us hold dear is that doctrine has to affect practice; and this is why doctrine is important. The outworking of our doctrinal conclusions have been in the large variety of practical ministries those groups are involved in. Not only evangelism and Biblical research, but a whole host of other outreaches such as small scale chicken projects in Bosnia, providing Winter heating assistance for poor believers in Eastern Europe, assisting Christians persecuted by Islamic fundamentalism... the list is long, and catalogued on www.carelinks.net and other websites. Our focus is always upon the individual, striving to appreciate the value and meaning of the individual person rather than develop some trendy megachurch, cool buildings and flashy church services. We warmly welcome your involvement and input, knowing that each person is unique and thereby has a vital and unique contribution to make to the true body of Christ on this earth.

This website and information ministry is one of the many ministries of Carelinks Ministries- you can read more about us and the individuals involved at www.carelinks.net .